Equipment Fuel Burn Calculator                 5/4/2016 2:55:05 AM EST
Equipment Fuel Burn Calculator

  Fuel Burn Calculator Screen
Fuel Burn Calculator
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Fuel Burn Controls allow you to determine how much fuel you will burn and what it will cost you. Caterpillar Performance Handbook shows a D-8 will burn from 6 to 13.5 gph. What will that next job cost you?

This could be as much as a $9.75 per hour difference in your cost. A change in Fuel burn on one machine alone could cost you over $17,000.00 this year! A change in Diesel prices by .50 cents per gallon fuel price creates an additional change of an additional $10,800.00, up or down. Don’t guess, Know for sure.

DecisiveCost Heavy suite features many tools to help you determine your true equipment lifecycle cost per hour. You can view some of the heavy equipment screens below:

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Did you know ...
Larger engines use more fuel than smaller engines, but within each engine size there is a wide range of fuel consumption rates.

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